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7 Crucial Elements Of A High-Converting Landing Page

Lars Volkers
Lars Volkers
Co-Founder & Marketing Director, Rocket Conversions
  • Understanding the purpose of a landing page.
  • 7 ways to optimize your landing page.

Why is optimizing your landing page so important?


Because when does set it and forget it ever work for anything in marketing!

In a previous life, I used to work for a Facebook marketing agency.

Of all the clients that couldn’t get traction, one of the things they had in common was……. failure to optimize their landing page.

The team was on the cutting edge of Facebook tactics, we were part of the top ad buyer groups, we had a large client base, we had the ability to test and learn in nearly every market & niche.

Yet, we couldn’t fully help those clients back then, simply because their landing page didn’t convert, and we failed to get them to take action on optimizing the page. Some of the stuff was so ridiculous: No CTA buttons, only 1 payment method, the list goes on.


Understanding The Purpose Of A Landing Page


Your landing page’s job is to convert visitors. It needs to:

  1. Motivate the customer to buy from you
  2. Clearly communicate your value proposition
  3. Incentivize the visitor to take action
  4. Reduce friction & purchase anxiety


7 Ways To Optimize Your Landing Page


Without getting stuck in the mud of where to place your CTA buttons, and which elements to include on your landing page, let’s make sure you’re nailing these critical conversion elements:


1. The Offer


Always think about your offer first.

You may have an awesome product, a great solution to an even greater problem, but is your offer appealing?

Think about different offers you can wrap your product into & then test it. This is the biggest factor of your success.

I once had a client that was selling protein bars. When they first came to us, we started selling their 10 pack protein bar, and were pretty much breaking even on the first sale. However, since they recognized that a large % of their customers actually became long-term customers, and ended up on their subscription packages (a new pack every month on autopilot), we tested a Free Trial offer in which customers could get a 3 piece trial pack for free (1 of each of their flavors) at $6 shipping cost.

Due to the lower order value, ROAS dropped down to 1.

But given that 50% of customers turned into repeat buyers, this offer made a lot more money as the acquisition cost was now a fraction of the CPA of the 10 pack product, and we could now scale to new heights.

Think about product bundling, free gifts, discounts & 2 for 1’s. Test to find what works.



2. Urgency


To convert cold traffic, you must give people a reason to buy now. 

Create urgency.

Don’t get me wrong, you can do this by adding a countdown timer in combination with a discount, but you don’t have to do it that way.

There are other creative ways you can do this that may be better aligned with your brand.

Stock limitations or specials (e.g. for a limited time 5% of revenue is donated, buyers get entered into a raffle, influencer specials etc.) are good ways to create urgency, but you can even get more creative.

Here’s an example: Launch a new product on the 5th of each month, and only put it on sale for 5 days. Use some variation on this theme. This limits stock, build urgency, and you can use things like influencer marketing to create massive hype around it.


3. Product Demos


A product page has to demonstrate exactly how your product works, the materials used, sizing info etc.

Video is great for this (find the best sales video formulas in our blog “Best Facebook Video Ads In 2020: Powerful Sales Video Ideas That Convert“), but do not underestimate the power of words.

Explain exactly who your product is for, and use descriptive language to help your visitors visualize themselves with your product.



4. Value Proposition


Communicate your value proposition & unique selling points.

What makes you special?

What do you do differently to your competition?

Be specific and give them a reason to choose you over your competitors.



5. Social Proof


Of course you’re going to say your product is brilliant.

When many other people say it about your product, then your brand becomes worthy of trust from first-time buyers.

Video reviews & product testimonials are crucial success factors.

Incentivize user reviews in your post-purchase email flows and use all of this user-generated content in your ads.



6. Guarantees Make Purchase Decisions A No-Brainer


You want to make it as easy as possible for people to make a purchase decision.

That’s why you eliminate concerns in your product description. Next, you should eliminate risk through guarantees.

Money-back & free return guarantees work!



7. Trust Elements


Now that you’ve eliminated concerns with product descriptions & social proof, and you’ve eliminated risk through guarantees, make them easy to recognize by turning them into trust badges.

Other trust elements you can include: phone number, physical address, and instagram feed.

These are small changes that will impact your conversion rate positively.


Take these principals and turn them into rocket fuel for your conversions!

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