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Stonz: Facebook Ads 12.29 ROAS & Google Ads 10.98 ROAS

Discover how we used Facebook & Google ads to achieve a huge return on ad spend.

Stonz website


Children's apparel

Tools Used

Facebook ads, Google ads


Based in Vancouver, Canada, with a U.S & Canada target market


We first started working with the Stonz team in early 2020, but then decided to stop everything!

 Their data and market feedback showed us their website needed a conversion optimization makeover. We gave our best suggestions and then put everything on hold while the Stonz team updated the website. Restarting a few months later, the updates seemed to work, and it was onwards and upwards!

Data from our initial tests showed us a promising path to maximum conversions on the paid ads side: strategically using Google & Facebook ads together.

We had also tested lots of ad creatives and audiences, acquiring usable data that we could leverage to hit the ground running with the restart of the campaigns. 

During our initial conversations, we asked the Stonz guys what problems they wanted us to solve for them. Here’s what they said:

We loved the pure logical focus here because it aligns perfectly with Rocket’s scaling framework. We agreed to dig deeper into the status quo and the unit economics of the business, then create a paid ads strategy to get Stonz to where they wanted to go in terms of their revenue.

Rocket would then manage the paid ads system, and help Stonz reach their milestones as quickly as possible.


Achieve at least a 3x ROAS.

Craft & execute a synergized Google & Facebook ads strategy.

Scale the campaigns profitably.

Prepare the ad operations for Black Friday / Cyber Monday.

We got in touch with Rocket Conversions to help with our ad campaigns, and Steve and his team have been great to work with from the start.
Josh Bluman
Marketing Director - Stonz


Challenge 1

Tracking, attribution, and understanding performance across different ad platforms is challenging.

Challenge 2

With the shaky global situation, elections, pandemic, combined with increasing competition amongst advertisers and brands preparing for Q4, we anticipated ad prices to increase significantly.

The takeaway here is…… tracking and attribution is of vital importance to understand at the deepest possible level if you want to get the most out of your ads, but it’s not always easy when doing it across platforms. 

The other thing is, facing massive uncertainty, Stonz did what was right, invested in their website, and jumped right back into the market. They not only got back to previous revenue levels, but broke all their records! 

As usual, after all the best practices are put in place, it comes down to having an offer so good that your audience can’t ignore you. If you have a great offer, and if you want help getting results for your business, just reach out to us.


Solution 1

Synergistic Google & Facebook Paid Ads Strategy

Use Google Ads to drive high-intent traffic to our funnel, and use Facebook ads for re-marketing. This works because people on Google are actively searching for the products, indicating they have a high purchase intent. On Facebook, we can craft much more specific messages to help people through our funnel.

Solution 2

Cross Channel Data Analysis System

Although the Facebook and Google Ads Tracking tag fires on every page load, both platforms do not understand which platform a visitor originates from. Thus, both platforms attribute a purchase to their own campaigns if a visitor has interacted with a campaign. This leads to double-attribution. To understand results better, you need to look at Google Analytics.

Solution 3

Black Friday / Cyber Monday Strategy

For BFCM, we prepared Stonz to use our proven strategy so we could move as much inventory as possible. Check out the full breakdown of our 5 Step BFCM strategy here.


Facebook Ads ROAS
Google Ads ROAS
The Rocket guys have been transparent, punctual and efficient in the way they work, and we’re seeing some great results.
Josh Bluman
Marketing Director - Stonz

Best Performing Ads

Below are the best performing ads, measured by ROAS:
If you’d like to learn more about how to analyze ads & make yours convert better, feel free to
send us a message here.

Stonz Ads
Stonz Ads
Great experience working with Rocket, and I look forward to continuing working with them!
Josh Bluman
Marketing Director - Stonz


Takeaway 1

Marketing studies show that on average, people have 7 touch-points with a brand before they are ready to buy. In order to grow your brand and have multiple touch-points with your audience, you need to advertise on multiple channels.

Takeaway 2

Optimizing your product and landing pages can have a huge impact on your performance. It’s not a set it and forget type thing, you need to actively plan your a/b tests, and constantly be focusing on improvement.

Takeaway 3

Stonz places a lot of emphasis on positioning itself as a Canadian brand because the data and market trends showed this messaging is becoming more impactful as audiences begin to shop from local brands again.

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